E-science initiatives in Venezuela.
(Chaves, Juan Luis; Díaz, Gilberto; Hamar, Vanessa; Isea, Raúl; Rojas, Freddy; Ruiz, Nicolás; Torréns Heeren, Rodrigo J.; Uzcátegui, M.; Flórez López, Julio; Hoeger, Herbert; Mendoza, Claudio y Núñez, Luis)


Within the context of the nascent e-Science infrastructure in Venezuela, we describe several webbased scientific applications developed at the Centro Nacional de Cálculo Científico Universidad de Los Andes (CECALCULA), Mérida, and at the Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas (IVIC), Caracas. The different strategies that have been followed for implementing quantum chemistry and atomic physics applications are presented. We also briefly discuss a damage portal based on dynamic, nonlinear, finite elements of lumped damage mechanics and a biomedical portal developed within the framework of the E-Infrastructure shared between Europe and Latin America (EELA) initiative for searching common sequences and inferring their functions in parasitic diseases such as leishmaniasis, chagas and malaria.